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We look forward to welcoming you to our undiscovered, unspoilt and memorable county.

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We pride ourselves on extending a very warm welcome to all our guests on our 400-acre organic family working beef and sheep farm.

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The farm is nestling beneath the tranquil Breidden Hills, where wildlife abounds, in the picturesque Severn valley.

Farming News

Lane Farm History

Lane Farm has been here since the 1600’s but we arrived in April 1998 to farm its 209 acres and in the autumn of 2001 had the opportunity to take over Middle Farm with 184 acres, both farms form part of the Criggion Estate. All of our land is very close to the rivers Severn and Vynwy causing the majority of the land at both farms to flood at certain times. We diversified in 2000 with the extension to the farmhouse being completed enabling us to offer Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

Farming Life

We have finally finished lambing and the weather has been kind to us, the grass is growing and so are the lambs, we only have 2 cade lambs and they are living in a large pen in the garden, ideal for the B&B guests to see. We still have a few cows to calve down, but the really hot weather last summer put them back a little, so it's a case of wait and see, should be finished by the end of this month.

Shearing has been done and the wool has been delivered to the wool board in Newtown. It was a long day for us all especially the 2 shearing, we started gathering the sheep the day before, but were sorting lambs from their mothers  by 6.00am, shearing started at 9.20am and the last ewe left the shed at 10.05pm. Needless to say I don't think any of us needed rocking to sleep that night, certainly didn't need to count sheep.

We are doing first cut silage on 1st June of  50 acres, we have an amazing crop of grass this year and will have another 70 acres to cut in about 10 days, depending upon the weather. The sunshine and showers along with some new liquid fertilizer is working it's magic on the grass, such a difference from last year.

One of the young bulls Trent, now known as Houdini, is confined to barracks until we can put an electric fence all  around his field, he is keen to visit most of the cattle on the farm!.

Lets hope the weather continues in its current form for June and the farmers will be smiling.

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